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FiiO Releases the HB3 Leather Carrying Case

Publish time:2018-07-17

Speaking of earphone carrying case, we could think no further than the FiiO HB1. It provides reliable protection to your prized earphones in any situation which made it pretty popular among FiiO users, or more precisely, users who own a pair of earphones.


Meanwhile, many enthusiastic fans suggest us to release a new fashion leather carrying case, that’s why the HB3 came into being. The HB3 is made of non-slip, wear-resistant polyurethane (PU) synthetic leather that provides powerful protection to your device. The upper and lower halves of the HB3 snap together with magnets, ensuring not only a more reliable and convenient opening mechanism, but also the case being shut securely to better protect your unit. 


>>> Check the detailed introduction of HB3 at: http://fiio.net/en/products/26#HB3


If you are in the mind of getting one, check with local agents (>>Where to Buy) for its availability or kindly buy it at our Aliexpress store (>>Click here) if it's not available in your local market. 


PS. The current stocks are in blue color, and the red color will be available a little late.


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