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FiiO Bluetooth Receiver μBTR is Available! NFC, aptX, SBC and AAC!

Publish time:2018-06-02

The μBTR brings the premium Qualcomm CSR8645 Bluetooth chip to the affordable device segment for the first time ever! The CSR8645 allows the μBTR to support Bluetooth 4.1 as well as the aptX, SBC, and AAC audio codecs for high-fidelity wireless audio, up to a distance of 10 meters.


The μBTR features:

Built-in high-performance amplifier Texas Instruments TPA6132A2

 Independent local volume control get a volume just right for you

 Built-in high sensitivity omnidirectional microphone for voice calls

 Charge for 1 hour with the Type-C symmetrical connector, listen for 9 hours 

 Visible battery meter with iOS

 Supports NFC (near-field communication) functionality with one touch

 360 degrees of beautiful minimalist design

 A tiny piece of craftsmanship for you to carry

 Easy access to voice assistants including Siri

 Can be paired up to two Bluetooth devices

 Simple dual color indicator light


Check the detailed introduction of μBTR at: http://www.fiio.net/en/products/94


If you are in the mind of getting one, check with local agents (>>Where to Buy) for its availability or kindly buy it at our Aliexpress store (>>Click here) if it's not available in your local market. 


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