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FiiO's First Stylish Bluetooth Earphones FB1 is Now Available!

Publish time:2018-06-02

Bluetooth is somewhat regarded as poor quality. However, it's not the case with FiiO's FB1 at all! You can still enjoy HiFi with this Bluetooth Earphones .


The FB1 is a set of Bluetooth earphones that supports aptX, SBC and AAC audio codecs over a wireless connection. Let the beat of your music move you and get you to experience a more real music world with the FB1's ability to deliver high-quality wireless audio, as well as its balanced drive using separate grounds for the left and right channel to truly capture every last emotion.


The FB1 features:

  • ※ Large 13mm dynamic driver specially tuned for popular music
  •  Switch from music to voice calls within a second
  •  True wireless freedom from the chains of cables
  •  Listen to an hour of music with just 10 minutes of charging
  •  Remember connections up to 2 separate devices
  •  CSR8645 Bluetooth 4.1 chip ensures impressively long distance wireless reception
  •  Fit snugly with ear hooks designed for you
  •  Skin-friendly and cleaner-friendly
  •  Simple, yet user-friendly status indicator
  •  Easy to carry around this stylish white baby
  •  Visible battery meter with iOS


Check out the detailed introduction of FB1 at: http://www.fiio.net/en/products/90


If you are interested, come get one from FiiO Aliexpress store at: >> Click Here


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