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Brief Review of High End Munich 2018

Publish time:2018-05-15

The 4-day High End Munich has come to a successful end. How were the new products displayed at the show, who had we met and what happened there? Let’s take a brief review to it together.


Firstly we see a few Bluetooth devices, they are FB1, μBTR, BTR1 and BTR3 respectively from left to right. 

Attendees all speak highly of the IEMs FH5! The following 4 combinations get the highest attention.

Not only the products are liked by the visitors, but also the goat mascot wins the favor of the visitors.

Put up the earphones, the world is filled with music, and only music. The attendees range from as young as 6 years old child up to 80 years old experienced audiophiles. Regardless of your age or country that you are from, we share the same name of “music lovers”.

It’s delighted to meet you at the show and see you at next coming show!


Best Regards

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