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Brief Review of Audio Expo North America 2018

Publish time:2018-04-17

This is FiiO's first time attending the Audio Expo North America! Everything looks quite similar to other shows, but the feeling is totally different when seeing each unique visitor at different shows.


First of all, let's check out how the products were exhibited at the booth!

The first day of the show falls on Friday, and we've had many senior audiophiles visited our booth. They were quite impressed with our products, though they are already very experienced in the filed.

More visitors came by our booth on day 2 and day 3. Some of them may already have heard of FiiO before, some may not, but they all spoke highly of our products. They were so curious to check the details of the products that interest them most, especially the FH5, X7 Mark II with the AM3B, Q5 and so on. 

Thank you all for coming by! When and where shall we meet again?


Best Regards

FiiO Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.

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