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FiiO Introduces the Latest Official DAC Driver for X-series DAPs

Publish time:2016-04-08

Dear respected customers,


All the existing X-Series DAPs (except X1) can work as DAC for the computer. Each time we release a new official firmware on our website and forum, we provide the DAC drivers (v1.61.0) of the players for customers to install it on Windows computer.


However, although there is no need to install the DAC driver for iOS system users, but it is still required to disable the driver signature verification for Windows 8/10 users before the installation, while the majority users are using computers running Window 8/10 nowadays. 


Therefore, in order to improve the user experience, we have made a major upgrade to this Windows DAC driver -- from the ancient v1.61.0 to the shiniest latest v3.34.0, which enables you to install the DAC driver directly without make any extra settings.


Thank Thesycon company for working with us to work out the licensing plan for their latest and greatest!  

>> Click Here for the download address of the new DAC driver
>> Click Here for the corresponding instruction about the installation


With the brand new UI of the driver, this unique DAC driver can be compatible with FiiO DAPs including X3, X5, X3II, X5II and X7.  For X3, X5, X5II and X7 users, you can just uninstall the old DAC driver and install this new driver to use directly, if you’ve ever installed. But for X3II users, please kindly update your device to FW1.6 and then install the new DAC driver.


>> Click Here for the download address of X3II FW1.6 (X3II FW1.6 or above can be well supported by the new DAC driver)


The following is the cumulative list of main changes from driver version 1.61 to 3.34 (in chronological order, newest to oldest):

* Chg: USB buffer size default changed from Safe (16ms) to Reliable (12 ms)
* New: support for APO registration
* Fix: stop/start connector state polling timer on power down/up
* Fix: BSOD when multiple devices are connected, ASIO is playing and one device is disconnected
* Fix: channel mapping for speaker sound devices
* Chg: ASIO restores old sample rate after switching PCM/DSD mode
* New: dedicated ASIO instances supported
* Chg: KS filter/pin implementation refactored
* New: Windows 10 supported
* Fix: no ASIO reset when last device is removed
* Fix: DSD format detection improved
* Chg: control panel now shows maximum ASIO buffer size depending on the maximum supported sample rate
* Chg: report 24bit format also if device supports 32bit
  Windows 7 did not show the 32bit format
* Chg: Windows XP and Windows Vista no longer supported.
  Driver supports Windows 7 and newer.
* New: added DRM handler
* New: 64-bit API DLL included in driver installer,driver API now available to 64-bit applications or services
* Fix: control panel shows invalid ASIO buffer size warning in DSD mode, ASIO Buffer Size returned invalid min size for DSD sample rates.
* New: ASIO buffer size selection applies to DSD mode as well.
* New: Automatic ASIO buffer size selection via control panel.Automatic mode is the driver's default.
* New: ASIO buffer size 16K and 32K added in control panel.
* Chg: KS filter internal name includes AS (stream format) ID now.
* Chg: On Windows 7 and newer OS: Driver Setup does not requirethat device is connected during install
* Chg: Stream startup optimized to reduce startup latency.
  Startup delay is reduced from ~100ms to ~20ms.
* New: New control panel application, improved UI, fully customizable
* Fix: 32 bit PCM through WASAPI was not working
* Fix: send correct DSD idle pattern when streaming starts
* New: ASIO DSD mode supported, tested with Foobar


>> Click Here for more details about the changelog history


Note:  Rather than the FW1.44beta, the new firmware FW1.6 is upgraded based on the official FW1.4. Compared to the FW1.4, the main changes on the FW1.6 just include 2 points: 1.Be compatible with the new DAC driver and 2.Disabling the OTG function. So some new functions on the FW1.44beta are not available on FW1.6. 


Best Regards,

FiiO Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd

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