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Goodbye X3 (1st gen) and Say Hello to X3 (2nd gen)

Publish time:2015-03-11

As FiiO’s first portable high resolution music player, the X3 had been held in high regard by users and reviewers alike ever since its release in 2013, and this has been reflected in its great sales. We owe this achievement to all of you for your kind support and trust in FiiO.


From FiiO's founding in 2007, we’ve been concentrating on the development of the overseas market. And indeed, our efforts had paid off with gratifying results in the portable amplifier industry. Moreover, our first attempt in the portable music player industry with the X3 turned out to be a great success both at home and abroad, drawing new fans to FiiO and providing a rewarding extension to our product line for those already following FiiO.


The markets for traditional MP3 players is fading, while the trend towards high resolution music files is creating a new niche for high resolution music players playing high quality music. The X3 was launched in this opportune turning point in the audio industry, and its merits of great value, outstanding workmanship, reliable quality and user-friendly interface laid a solid foundation for its future success and the development of follow-up music players from FiiO, such as the X5, X1 and models to be released in the future.


We feel thankful for the companionship and happiness that the numerous customers of our original X3 had brought us. After two years of commission, now is time for us to say goodbye to our beloved X3 (at the factory, at any rate; firmware updates will continue to be released for it until further notice!) and greet its new born successor the X3 2nd gen.


The main improvements of the new X3 are as follows:
1. All-new exterior design, full metal body for a complete upgrade in aesthetics
2. All-new sound tuning: more refined and balanced than ever
3. All-new UI design and classic scroll wheel control
4. All-new digital audio architecture, utilizing dual crystal oscillators for even less jitter
5. All-new features: hardware DSD decoding, in-line remote support, 10-band EQ, custom playlists
6. All-new power management features: including deep-sleep mode for instant-on usage without battery drain 
7. All-new coulomb meter to show detailed battery info


The new X3 is coming soon! Please stay tuned with us for further updates!


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