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Обзор наушников FiiO FH5

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Новая гибридная модель FiiO

1:20 — упаковка и комплект поставки 3:11 — дизайн, качество сборки и удобство ношения 7:04 — звук 13:49 — сравнения

Review from YouTube

FiiO FH5 earphones review

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New hybrid model from FiiO

1:26 — package and accessories set 2:55 — design, build quality and wearing comfort 7:05 — sound 14:50 — comparisons

Review from YouTube

FiiO FH5 Quick Unboxing

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FiiO FH5 Quick Unboxing

FiiO FH5 Quick Unboxing

Review from Soundnews

FiiO FH5 – The Best so far

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Great packaging, lots of accessories inside, great design, great craftsmanship and most importantly a great sound, all those words represent the FiiO’s FH5

I paired FH5 with FiiO’s latest DAP: the M7 that has a very low noise floor and a very black background without traces of noise. M7 also have a very honest and revealing sound so the match was perfect with FH5 and I can easily describe how FH5 are actually sounding.

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FiiO FH5 Review – Entering the Big Leagues

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The FH5 caught my attention even as a prototype at CanJam SoCal 2018 and I was not let down by the finished product either. This is a wonderful IEM priced extremely competitively – we recommend not to miss out on this.

Anyway – back to the comparison. Although I still think the 1More Quad is a great value IEM, I prefer the FiiO FH5 over it, since its bass is less boomy and sounds a little tighter, with more impact as well. I enjoy the FH5 more because of its bolder, more lively mid region as well. The boosted mids and highs give a little crisper clarity to things like snare drum impact and little details like the twangs of guitars.

Review from Head-Fi

Beautifull Inside Out

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if Fiio made an outstanding IEM? Ooohh Yes , yes all the way, five stars to this awesome IEM at a AWESOME price! Congrats to FIIO ,i will buy ones

Hello, first thing that i want to say is thank you, thank you to FIIO for provide me this experience, and for the help they gave me to unblock the FH5 from customs in Portugal, great people make great things and thats the case of FIIO and this FH5 is the proof of that.

Review from Head-Fi

Fiio FH5 Impressions

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FH5’s are not fatiguing at all I can listen to them for hours without getting the usual muzy head.

The comfort of the FH5 IEM’s is fantastic, it only took two changes of ear tips to find a set that makes them disappear in my ears (bass ear tips medium). The Fiio FH5’s is now my go to headphones for every listing sestion .

Review from Headphone&Earphone Reviews

FiiO FH5 Hybrid IEM Review

Author:Paul Brooks
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The FH5 provides exceptional value due to the quality build, cables and accessories combined with a signature that has a lot of overall balance, and for me is very close to being perfect.

The FH5 is an easy recommendation. It has almost immaculate build quality, ergonomics, and its cable is both aesthetically impressive and designed to last. The FH5 comes with a well thought out accessory package, and the carry cases in particular are very handy (especially the neoprene portable case).

Review from HiFi Helper

FIIO FH5 Review

Author:Lance Gross
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So overall, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the FH5. They’ve quickly become one of my favorite balanced and natural sounding IEMs to listen to. Should you have the chance to listen to these for yourself, I believe you’ll be truly impressed!

In the world of sub $300 IEM’s, these earphones are absolutely outstanding and truly represent one of the best choices available. I would actually consider these to be one of the best in the market right now at this price point and a true leader in this class. The range of tips gives you additional listening options (which is great), but even just on it’s own, this IEM performs wonderfully and sounds fantastic with any genre of music.

Review from Kropka Audio

FiiO FH5 [recenzja]

Author:Maciej Sas
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FH5 to rzeczywiście fuzja brzmienia FH1 z F9 PRO. Słuchawki łączą w sobie muzykalny charakter FH1 z bardziej średnicowym i analitycznym brzmieniem F9 PRO.

Nie jest to tylko zwykła synteza obu modeli – producent wywindował rozdzielczość, holografię i jakość basu, a także uspokoił „peak” w sopranie. Moim zdaniem efekty są rewelacyjne. Słuchawki popisują się dynamicznym i głębokim basem z mocnym atakiem, naturalną i bliską średnicą oraz przejrzystą górą pasma, ale pozbawioną wyostrzenia. Scenicznie jest również bardzo dobrze, ale specyficznie – scena FH5 jest inna, niż zazwyczaj w słuchawkach dokanałowych.

Review from YouTube

FiiO FH5 (un-box) FiiO's new Flagship IEM

Author:Bad Guy Good Audio Reviews
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FiiO FH5 Unboxing

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