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Fiio AM3B Review – Musical+

Author:Ryan Soo
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At a very reasonable $25, the BL44 is one of the cheapest ways to enable users of 2.5mm IEMs to take advantage of the AM3B, and listeners can have peace of mind knowing that it won’t worsen their experience.

Comparing between the BL44 with 2.5mm ie800S cable and the Sennheiser 4.4mm cable, I noted minimal difference insinuating high transparency. While an adapter won’t ever enhance your listening experience, low-quality examples can easily ruin it.

Review from YouTube

FiiO AM3B and BL44 review

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Introductory video

Introductory video

Review from Youtube

FiiO - BL44 (2.5 to 4.4) PENTECON balanced cable adapter

Author:Bad Guy Good Audio Reviews
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Unboxing video of BL44

(2.5 to 4.4) PENTECON balanced cable adapter

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