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Fiio X3 (third generation) review: For those who care about audio quality

Author:Shobhit Varma
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Fiio has come a long way in terms of design. From the all plastic days of the Fiio E6 amplifier to the metal infused products that form a part of its current product portfolio - Fiio has been constantly upping the game when it comes to design and build qu

The X3 uses the standard Bluetooth 4.1 protocol to connect with your wireless headphones and speakers. It is a pity that being a High-Res audio player, it doesn't have support for AptX which supports uncompressed (mostly) audio streaming wirelessly. As a result audio quality through Bluetooth is good but not great - dynamic range, clarity and detail take a hit as compared to audio through the headphone jack.

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This is a classy looking non-touch digital media player with a wealth of interesting options and features and a much improved OS performance over the X1 2nd gen.

The 3rd Gen X3 also marks the first time they have gone dual DAC at this price point with a pair of TI PCM5242 DAC chips, one per channel. This is combined with no less than 3 separate PCB boards for the DAC, amp and Bluetooth module in an effort to reduce any potential interference with the quality of the output.

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X3 Mark III – Third time’s a charm

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I’ll tell you a small secret, from many points of view X3 Mk III could be the best FiiO DAP, especially from the perspective or price/performance ratio.

I liked it quite much especially on acoustic music and I do feel it excells on everything that has tons of mids and bass. At this moment it might just be the most balanced Hi-Res DAP on the market.

Review from Soundnews

FiiO X3 Mark III – Cel mai bun X3

Author:De către Darku
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Micutul X3 ridica din nou stacheta playerelor accesibile care ofera un raport excelent intre performanta si pretul platit.

Va spun si un mic secret, din multe puncte de vedere X3 Mark III ar putea fi cel mai bun player portabil FiiO, mai ales prin prisma raportului pret/performanta. Daca nu aveti nevoie de un sistem de operare Android, de aplicatii terte sau de streaming de muzica prin Wi-Fi, atunci s-ar putea ca X3 MKIII sa fie exact ceea ce cautati.

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Fiio’s new X3iii DAP has a sound signature that is easy to like. That means it’s detailed but not overly so, musical but not too warm or smooth, dynamic but not analytical The X3iii is an almost silent, full bodied player that leans to the warmer and smoo

The Chinese based Fiio never stops innovating and it’s one of the most active companies when it comes to product development, and most of all, upgrades.

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Today we're checking out their mid-range DAP, the X3 Mark III.

If you’re looking to take a first step into the world of dedicated audio players, the X3-III is easy for us to recommend.

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Recenzja FiiO X3 Mark III

Author:Maciej Sas
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FiiO X3 Mark III to bardzo dobry odtwarzacz, który jednak nie będzie idealnym wyborem dla każdego. Cechuje się wysoką rozdzielczością i rysuje brzmienie mocną kreską w każdym paśmie.

FiiO X3 doczekał się trzeciej iteracji, i to nie byle jakiej. Najnowsza wersja to zupełnie nowa konstrukcja wyposażona w podwójny przetwornik Burr-Brown PCM5242, wyjście zbalansowane, a nawet Bluetooth 4.1 z Dual-Mode.

Review from hi-news.ru

Обзор плеера Fiio X3 Mark III — постепенное движение

Author:Павел Дмитриев
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В целом хорошее эволюционное обновление популярной модели. Как обычно, будут отзывы «разочаровавшихся» тем, что плеер не так сильно отличается от предыдущего поколения, но FiiO просто-напросто не ставили перед собой такой цели. Также можно попенять X3 Mar

На нашей планете есть некоторые неизменные явления: Солнце восходит на востоке, зимой — холодно, от русского рэпа из ушей идёт кровь, FiiO обновляют свои плееры. FiiO X3 достаточно долго является «главной скрепой» в линейке компании, и вот очередь обновлений добралась до него.

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Fiio X3 Mark III review

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FiiO's new middle segment DAP

Video review of X3MKIII

Review from Head-Fi

FiiO X3iii - A step forward and step back

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A step forward and step back

Pros - Modern form factor, improved wheel, sonic performance, Bluetooth, general features, balanced mode (for those who value it), ease of use (UI)

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Fiio X3 Mark III Digital Audio Player

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If you’re looking to take a first step into the world of dedicated audio players, the X3-III is easy for us to recommend.

Fiio is one such company, offering a consistent lineup of well-designed amplifiers, DACs, and audio players that are focused on music, not apps.

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Review FiiO X3 III, ¿es muy diferente al FiiO X1II?

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Review video of X3 MarkIII

El FiiO X3 III es el nuevo flamante reproductor de gama media de la firma asiática que trae consigo mejoras tales como la salida balanceada, dos chips de sonido y una estética renovada entre otras cosas.

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Fiio X3 Mark III

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Fiio x3 III, the best DAP under 10,000 Baht

Come with Dual-Dacs, versatile connection such as balanced 2.5 mm, bluetooth (aptX), etc

Review from www.samma3a.com

Fiio X3iii Music Player Review

Author:Tech Merit Reviews
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In terms of sonic performance, thfiio x3iii is indeed a fine sounding device. This is one area which Fiio NEVER does terribly. It offers the listener plenty of energy, clarity, and resolution.

People who are familiar with my past reviews and/or comments on Head-Fi would very likely have noticed a pattern when it comes to my criticism of Fiio. But really, the trend is not my criticism, but the trend is rather that Fiio’s competitors are increasingly providing consumers with more feature-packed devices. Sure, in the higher-price brackets of the X5 3rd Gen and X7, Fiio is perhaps still the value king for now; but in the more budget-friendly sector it’s starting to seem like Fiio are genuinely struggling to keep up. Heck, it’s perhaps even at a point where we can say that they really can’t keep up anymore. Almost as though we’re genuinely left wondering if Fiio are even aware of their competition; because it certainly seems like they’re not really doing anything to keep up.

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