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FiiO X5 3rd gen Premium Hi-Res DAP -- "A great mid-range DAP"

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X5 3rd gen is perfectly-built, easy to use and packed with a lot of features. Android OS works fine and allows streaming and connecting Bluetooth devices. It’s a fantastic all-in-one device that also offers great line out sound.

Third revision of X5 brings a lot novelties. Rotary dial has been replaced by a touchscreen and it comes with a single-band Wi-Fi module added. Moreover, streaming is supported and there’s a Bluetooth transmitter with aptX codec support. New X5 version is powered by dual Asahi Kasei DAC and the Chinese company decided to restore the internal memory (32 GB), which can be further expanded via 2 microSD slots (up to 256 GB each).

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Newest X5 III – the best FiiO?

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he announcement of newest X5 III about two months ago was a bigger shocker for me

Beautiful design, finish, construction quality Powerful internal headphone amp Cool 5 in 1 device (DAP, headphone amp, external DAC, digital transport, Wi-Fi streamer) Natural, vivid, liquid and slightly sweetened sound

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Author:Gary Alan Barker
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FiiO has well and truly achieved their goal of providing a full featured, high performance DAP at a very affordable price.

FiiO has made quite a name for themselves making inexpensive high performance Digital Audio Players

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"FiiO X5iii - Value and Tonality (SQ)"

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Sound quality/tonality, build quality, value, features, additional DSP options, UI, wireless options, ease of use

The X5iii arrived in a somewhat smaller box than its previous generations. This is a fully printed retail box measuring approx 110 x 165 x 50mm.

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Recenzja FiiO X5 III (X5 3rd gen)

Author:Maciej Sas
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Nie dorówna brzmieniowo wielokrotnie droższym odtwarzaczom, ale to solidny poziom i X5 III może stanowić zdroworozsądkową i w pełni satysfakcjonującą alternatywę.

Trzecia generacja X5 zaskakuje możliwościami. Najnowszy odtwarzacz posiada podwójny DAC AKM AK4490, czterordzeniowy procesor, dotykowy ekran 4”, a działa pod kontrolą Androida. Jest moc?

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Fiio X5 Gen III Digital Audio Player with F5 Balanced In-Ear Headphones: Great Sound at an Entry-Level Price Point

Author: Tom Gibbs
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The X5 Gen III/F5 combo is a winner on all levels;

The new X5 Generation III moves Fiio's more budget-friendly players into a new stratosphere in every aspect of feature set, ease of operation, and more modern appearance.

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Fiio X5 3rd Gen Portable DAP Review – A Great Mid-Range DAP For Audiophiles and Music Lovers

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Fiio was able to deliver such a feature-rich hi-res portable DAP in the form of the Fiio X5 III 3rd gen. It sounds good for its price and has a plethora of features to play with.

Early this year, Fiio released the 3rd generation of their popular X5 mid-range DAP – the Fiio X5 3rd Gen Portable High-Res digital audio player (DAP).

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Fiio X5 3rd Generation Digital Audio Player

Author:Smit Patel
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It is hard to pinpoint another DAP in its price range which offers the same features and sound performance as the X5 III. Thus, this is a highly recommended addition for those wishing for an all-in-one solution to their audiophile needs.

Enter, the Fiio X5 3rd Generation DAP—a digital player which has challenged its competition by offering supreme usability combined with a smart piece of industrial design.

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Author:Dawid Grzyb
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if you’re up for a sub €500 DAP loaded with a bunch of features, FiiO’s latest one seems to be the perfect fit.

And now the third generation of the most recognizable DAP among FiiO flock – X5

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Tons of Features in a Small, Well-Designed DAP

Author: csglinux
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Feature-rich, well-designed DAP with two microSD card slots and full Android 5 system

The following impressions and measurements were made using a loaned X5iii unit which was returned to FiiO after the review.

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A DAP Revolution

Author: bhazard
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The combination of sound quality, build quality, features, and price makes the X5 an incredible value to me.

Fiio’s release of the X5 Gen 3 changes all of that. It includes everything I felt was missing in a DAP (Android apps, Wifi transfer, balanced audio, USB DAC, OTA updates), and it does it very well.

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Ну, что сказать, мне плеер понравился. Несмотря на некоторые недочёты в прошивке и необычную подачу, дизайн, юзабилити и звук получились у Fiio X5-3 на очень достойном уровне.

Здесь, знаешь ли, приходится бежать со всех ног, чтобы только остаться на том же месте, а чтобы попасть в другое место, нужно бежать вдвое быстрее

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Even in the current state though, the Fiio X5iii already is a killer DAP in the sub $500 category (or even above).

The X5 always was extremely popular and a lot of people have been waiting for this new unit.

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The X5 3rd gen from FiiO should be considered an important benchmark for DAPs in this price range for 2017.

Cue the merrymaking because the X5iii is a positive quantum leap in DAP design making for the mid-fi market.

Review from samma3a

FiiO X5 3rd Gen high res Player Review

Author: No Bull Audio
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All things considered, the X5iii offers exceptionally good sound for such a compact device.

Fiio have made some changes to their Pure Music app, including 2 different themes, the option to view a VU meter, as well including Viper Effects. Anyone who is accustomed to installing custom ROMs on their Android devices will no doubt be familiar with Viper4Android. This app/service basically installs its own audio drivers and allows the user to make quite a few changes as to how the audio is processed and presented. Fiio have basically imbedded this app/service within their own Pure Music app, pretty much the same idea as what you’d find with Cowon’s Jet Effect processing. Unfortunately, the way Fiio have included Viper Effects, much of its functionality need to be unlocked by paying for the various features

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Setting the "new standard" for mid-fi DAPs, the x5iii, produces upper-level audio quality

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Easy OS, excellent musical tone, multitude of platforms, fairly fast operations, updated FW

Excellent fit and finish. Top quality build. No blemishes.

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Fiio X5iii Review - not just another DAP

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Sound stage, detail, balanced out put, build quality, value for money, accessories.

Will I go out and buy one? Yes I have. What will it replace an Ipod classic (clapped out).

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FiiO X5-3: The Next Benchmark for DAPs Everywhere

Author:Dobrescu George
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Very Detailed Bass and Mids, Good Soundstage Width and Depth, Fast and Fluid UI, Android, Modern Design, Screen Quality

Falling in love with X5-3 is unavoidable once you hear one and you're bound to want to buy one once you get enough time playing with it.

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Fiio X5 III Review – Affordable Luxury?

Author: ryanjsoo
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Spacious soundstage, Full but aggressively detailed sound, Rock solid build, Impeccably finished, Accessories, Well implemented android OS, apt-x

The X5 is perhaps the quintessential Fiio player, it was one of their first devices and also one of their most universally acclaimed.

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FiiO X5 gen 3 brief walkthrough.

Author:The Best Bass Headphones are...
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TL/DR awesome sound at a great price.

Video review of X5 3rd gen.

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FiiO X5III, el sonido Hi-res adquiere un nuevo concepto

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El primer reproductor del mercado que tiene almacenamiento para 544Gb de música (256+256+32Gb). Así de claro. Con el FiiO X5III se ha dado un salto. El 'no tengo memoria' queda para la historia.

El primer reproductor del mercado que tiene almacenamiento para 544Gb de música (256+256+32Gb). Así de claro. Con el FiiO X5III se ha dado un salto. El 'no tengo memoria' queda para la historia.

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เครื่องเล่นเพลง Fiio X5 3rd Gen

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ซึ่งเรื่องราวทั้งหมดนี้จะเกิดขึ้นไม่ได้เลยถ้า “ราคา” ของเจ้า Fiio นั้นแพงเกินไป และทางศูนย์ได้แจ้งมาแล้วว่าสำหรับ Fiio X5 3rd Gen ราคาจะอยู่ที่ 14,190 บาท เท่านั้น!!! ซึ่งทำให้ทีมงานของเราต้องกลับไปเปลี่ยนหัวข้อบทความจาก “สุดยอดเครื่องเล่นเพลงเสียงดี ในรา

• เสียงสูง: สำหรับเสียงแหลมที่ถ่ายทอดผ่านเครื่องเล่นตัวนี้ จะถูกขัดเกลาอย่างละมุนละไม ให้เนื้อเสียงที่เนียนสะอาดไร้สากเสี้ยน เป็นเสียงแหลมที่เปิดให้ทอดตัวไปได้ไกล (ขึ้นอยู่กับแนวเสียงของหูฟัง) มีความสว่าง ใส และมาพร้อมกับความนุ่มนวลและสุนทรียภาพ ถ้าจะเทียบเสียงสูงที่สว่างจ้าเหมือนเรานั่งมองดวงอาทิตย์แล้วแสงแยงตา เสียงสูงของ X5 Gen 3 ก็เหมือนหลอดไฟที่สว่างนวล ในร้านตัดผมหรือร้านกาแฟดีๆ ที่มองได้อย่างเพลิดเพลิน

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