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Review from dragonblogger

Fiio F1 In-Ear Motor Earphone Review

Author: Ahmed Kazim
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Fiio F1 is a budget IEM with good performance, comfort ability and a dependable cable with in-line controls. Also, it seems like it's one of the best budget level IEM I've used so far.

The Fiio F1 comes in a rectangular white box

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FiiO F1 and F3 have the portability and durability for an active lifestyle, good comfort and more importantly, great sound.

I love FiiO, literally. My first serious DAP was the original X5 and it introduced me to mid – high end sources, and it taught me how important a source really is.

Review from Head-fi

FiiO F1 – Sharp Price, Smooth Sound

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Value, build quality, fit, comfort, carry case, balanced and smooth SQ, good vocals

The FiiO F1 arrived in a compact white retail box measuring 97 x 168 x 42mm.

Review from Head-fi

Fiio F1 Review – New Budget Benchmark?

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Comfort, Isolation, Build & cable, Remote, Smooth sound, Relatively linear tuning, Nice treble, Integrated cable strap

the F1 is an evolution of that same sound, bringing a more neutral tuning and overall quality to the next level.

Review from Head-fi

FiiO F1 Review

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They’re both solid options for their price with a solid construction, friendly design and easy going sound presentation

For a low budget IEM, the F1 has a more unique tuning.

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