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Review from Headfonics


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At this price, it should be on everyone’s demo list for a worthwhile initial upgrade in amping on the go.

FiiO started with amplifiers, that is how they made their name and the $129.99 A5 could be considered the 3rd generation of the original E12 which came out in 2013 and was then an answer to the crazy power output quest we all had when planars made a big comeback.

Review from Youtube

FiiO X5iii and FiiO A5 amp stack (demo, OCD ramble) rec'd

Author:The Best Bass Headphones are..
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Video review for X5 3rd gen and A5

Video review for X5 3rd gen and A5

Review from Youtube

FiiO A5 Portable Amp

Author:Z Reviews
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Video review for A5

Video review for A5

Review from soundnews

FiiO A5 – Faster! Harder! Scooter?

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Ce pot sa zic…m-a impresinat nu numai prin prisma puterii brute pe care o are, dar si datorita rafinamentului si caracterului vioi pe care il are.

Imi amintesc si acum, prin 2008 mi-am cumparat primul meu amplificator de casti portabil, un iBasso D2 Boa, de care m-am indragostit imediat,

Review from Headfonia


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The A5 is a really great amplifier for the price. The downside is the unit isn’t the smallest in size and that you get a basic but nice design.

The new Fiio A5 portable amplifier is available in a titanium and black color. The A5 also holds the official golden Hi-Res Audio label.

Review from samma3a

FiiO A5 Headphones Amplifier Review

Author:No Bull Audio
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Good sound quality, more accessories, Value for Money

The thing about Fiio is that they almost always make genuinely great value products. They often use top shelf hardware, yet they offer their products at decent prices. Sure, their build quality can sometimes be questionable, and on their players the software is almost always rather lacking….but they still make good value products in terms of performance.

Review from Themasterswitch

A serious portable powerhouse

Author:Rob Boffard
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Great sound, easy to use

FiiO, a Chinese audio company with a very solid pedigree, is just the kind of outfit to tackle this. Hot on the heels of their hip-flask-shaped A3 comes the A5, a blocky, rectangular amplifier that the company claims “strives for perfection.” - See more at: http://www.themasterswitch.com/review-fiio-a5#sthash.d8pwhpWt.dpuf

Review from Head-fi

FiiO A5 – Effortless power, exemplary sound

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Transparency, build quality, value, battery life, output power (superb), low noise floor

The FiiO A5 brings together an impeccable build, good form factor, battery life, and above all a very neutral signature.

Review from El Chapuzas

Review: FiiO A5

Author:Iván Martínez
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En definitiva, el FiiO A5 es un espléndido amplificador para los que quieran sacar el máximo partido a sus auriculares, pues su potencia de amplificación es realmente elevada (hasta 800 mW) y su distorsión armónica es prácticamente nula.

Pero lo más importante se esconden en las entrañas de este FiiO A5, donde un combo formado por los amplificadores operacionales MUSES02 y LME49600, dos modelos de altísimas prestaciones. Con ellos consigue una potencia de salida superior a 800 mW capaz de manejar auriculares de cualquier impedancia (recomendada de 16 a 300 ohmios) y con un ratio SN superior a 115 dBA. Además, la distorsión es mínima como certifica su THD+N de tan solo 0.002%, algo realmente impresionante.

Review from Head-fi

More Power!

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Looks good, feels good in the hand, not heavy, durable, all-metal build, super-low distortion and noise floor, lots of power

Don’t worry though, I’ve got just the thing to take your mind off of it! FiiO recently announced and released a new portable amplifier, the A5. It boasts 800mW of output power, and is good to drive transducers from 16–300 ohms.

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