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Recensione Fiio X5 2nd Gen

Author:Geremia Musto
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Il dispositivo è progettato come lettore di musica in portabilità, ma anche usandolo in altri ambiti quali film e gaming non delude affatto.

Salve a tutti, vi ringrazio per la lettura dell’articolo come prima cosa. Ho partecipato al Playstereo: Fiio Italian tour ricevendo il Fiio x5 2nd generation in prova e ringrazio Silvia Gallitto, il mio contatto per necessità o domande, che è stata sempre repentina nel rispondere alle mail.

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FiiO X5 2nd Generation Review

Author:Ershad Kaleebullah
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Therefore, the FiiO X5 2nd Gen at around Rs. 25,000 is a great buy for anyone who wishes to listen to music as the artist intended it to be. If you think that Rs. 25,000 is a little too much money, you can also pick up FiiO’s very own X1 as a start,

The X5 is FiiO’s flagship product, which is now in its second generation. A product of extensive R&D and constant input from the audiophile community, the FiiO X5 2nd Generation DAP, features an improved design, support for native DSD128 decoding, new amps and digital-to-analog converter (DAC), and architectural changes.

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The X5 Gen 2 by FiiO

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The FiiO X5ii is a solid evolution and update on the original X5 and brings harmony to the complete range of hardware controlled non touch DAPs in the FiiO range from the X1 to the X5.

The ‘Applesque’ regenerating life cycle of FiiO products continue unabated with the launch of the all new X5 Generation 2 (X5 gen 2) DAP which represents, for now, their flagship DAP in the market.

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FiiO X5 & X3

Author:Daniel Březina
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Oba přehrávače se snadno používají a malým nedostatkům v komfortu (či možná logice) ovládání (což platí zejména při zhasnutém displeji) se dá přivyknout. Pokud uvažujete o přehrávači na cesty, produktů se značkou FiiO se rozhodně nebojte, spíše naopak..

Čínská značka FiiO patří mezi mladé a dravé producenty, soustředící se zejména na sluchátkový poslech na cestách a také se pyšní tím, že hodlá zvýšit hodnotu pojmu "Made in China" na poli high fidelity.

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Fiio X5 2nd Generation Digital Audio Player Preview

Author:Smit Patel
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Overall, Fiio – a company relatively new to the DAP industry, have made a solid contender. Arguably, one of the best for its price range. They have drawn influences from Astell & Kern’s build quality and the sonic stylings of competitors to deliver a very

From the bat, I am incredibly impressed with the design of the Fiio X5SG. Featuring brushed stainless steel and sloped bezels the device looks premium and well-built.

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FiiO's best portable music player is more affordable than Astell & Kern's cheapest

Author:Steve Guttenberg
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The X5 2nd Gen is FiiO's best player, the company also offers the more affordable X3 2nd Gen and X1 players.

The new FiiO X5 high-res music player is a wee bit smaller than the original X5, with a different button layout.

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FiiO always delivers

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audioquality, price, design, build, screen, two mSD slots, native DSD, power

The exterior is completely made of metal, which gives it a premium feeling. The colour comes close to the X3's but is a little light

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Fiio X5 II - новый флагманский HiFi-плеер компании

Author:Юрий Звукограф
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Vedio Review of X5 2nd gen

Vedio Review of X5 2nd gen

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FiiO X5 Second Generation Review

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It has an amazing premium build quality, great sounding output and very decent battery life. It is one of the best DAPs that you can buy in the market today.

The FiiO X5 Second Generation, also known as FiiO X5 2nd Gen, FiiO X5SG, FiiO X5 II, FiiO X5ii and FiiO X5K, is a high-resolution DAP with native Direct-Stream Digital 128 (DSD128) decoding, can play Super Audio CD (SACD) ISOs directly and of course, supports the usual AIFF, ALAC, APE, FLAC, WAV, WMA, etc. up to 192 kHz/24bit.

Review from XDA

Review of FiiO X5 2nd gen (X5ii) Digital Audio Player (DAP) w/lots of pics!!!

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Overall, DAP market is on the rise with a lot of choices in sub $600 category, but you can rest assured that FiiO offers some of the best price/performance ratio products in corresponding price categories.

With a consistent flow of new releases, I feel like we have been spoiled by FiiO and their quality audio products. I didn’t even realize it has been year and a half since the release of their original X5, and now I’m looking at their new X5ii flagship DAP released a few months after another impressive X3ii DAP update

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FiiO X5 2nd Gen Unboxing Review Unit - Headfonia Store

Author:Headfonia Store
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Vedio review of X5 2nd gen in Indonesian

Dikirim langsung dari fiiO untuk direview oleh Headfonia Store. Dengan desain baru yang mirip X3 II, X5 II juga memperbaiki teknikalitas suaranya Dikirim langsung dari fiiO untuk direview oleh Headfonia Store. Dengan desain baru yang mirip X3 II, X5 II juga memperbaiki teknikalitas suaranya

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Great incremental upgrade - value for money outstanding

Author: Koolpep
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When I review DAPs I tend to use an input switcher and play the same song on both players, volume matched by ear and switch back and forth. Then I do some extensive listening with the unit and different headphones.

When I review DAPs I tend to use an input switcher and play the same song on both players, volume matched by ear and switch back and forth. Then I do some extensive listening with the unit and different headphones.

Review from soundnews

FiiO X5 II – New Generation

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Design and internal components were updated to the new quality standards. I appreciate all the improvements made and I hope to see it on black very soon. I positively appreciate a better screen and small size compared to the first generation.

Since March 2014 I am a fan of the FiiO’s X5 DAP, a thing that probably can be felt by reading my further reviews.

Review from zococity

X5 II: el nuevo buque insignia de FiiO

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El X5 II es un X5 mejorado en todo: Más ligero y compacto, tiene la función de hibernación para evitar que nos quedemos sin batería por olvidarnos de apagarlo o tener que estar viendo la pantalla de presentación y esperando a que cargue cada vez, la poten

FiiO nos trae su flamante FiiO X5 de Segunda Generación, recogiendo todo el aprendizaje conseguido por el feedback de los usuarios y el desarrollo de sus anteriores reproductores.

Review from soundnews

FiiO X5 II – Noua generatie

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A venit si timpul cand primul X5 mi-a fost detronat, culmea este ca a facut-o un alt X5

Inca din martie 2014 sunt un fan al playerului portabil FiiO X5, lucru care se regaseste probabil in toate articolele scrise ulterior.

Review from Head-fi

Fiio X5 2nd generation: A solid iterative improvement!

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High-quality sound & build. Smaller, sleeker, more ergonomic and pocket-friendly design. 2 mSD slots. Deep sleep mode. Increased screen brightness.

I was provided the X5 2nd generation (from here on, I'll refer to it as X5ii) as a review sample as part of the U.S. tour

Review from Head-fi

FIIO X5 2nd gen: Taking the X5 higher

Author: AndrewH13
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Stylish Build, Two MicroSD slots, Display, Sound Quality, Native DSD, Ideal Digital transport

I received this X5ii for 10 days during the European leg of its World Tour in order to provide Fiio and prospective buyers with some feedback in the form of a review. I

Review from Headfonia


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Looking at the specs the X5SG surprised me a little as some of the specs of the earlier players are better, yet I find this to be the best sounding Fiio DAP so far

My first Fiio player was the original X3 and I never really liked it. Sound wise it was ok but it to me was a bit boring sounding and what I didn’t like most was its form factor, tiny screen and the awful user interface.

Review from headfonia


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Like the others in the Fiio family, the X5ii continues to bring a fantastic feature set, and this is where its true value lies IMO

I’m a very happy owner of Fiio’s X1, X3ii and the original X5 digital audio players (DAPs). I’ve used them all (a lot) over the last couple of year

Review from Hardwarezone

FiiO X5 Second Generation Impression and Discussion -My 3 days with the Fiio X5ii

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With its competitive pricing, value and features it brings to the table, the X5ii is capable of going heads up with its much pricier competitors like Astel & Kern, Calyx and Sony.

The X5ii has gone through a slight diet, and is now shorter (5 mm), narrower (4.1 mm), thinner (0.3 mm) and lighter (30 grams).

Review from Head-fi

Fiio X5 Second Generation DAP – The Complete Fiio Experience

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Sound Quality, Solid Build Quality, Smaller Size than Predecessor, Lighter Weight, Dual Micro SD Slots, Price

With its competitive pricing, and rather complete package from its packaging, build quality, usability, features, sound quality, and ability to decode DSD natively, it's very hard to fault the X5ii amongst the sea of DAPs and it stands heads and shoulders with its much more expensive competitors.

Review from Head-fi

Fiio Brings Their A-Game Again

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Sound Quality, "Deep Sleep" feature, 2x Micro SD Slots, Responsive Scroll Wheel, Familiar User Interface

Not having used the original X5, I can’t really comment on improvements or differences between it and the updated version, but I can say I’ve really enjoyed listening to it over the last week and a bit, will be sad to part with it later this week as it goes to the next reviewer, and will strongly consider picking one up on release later this month.

Review from YouTube

FiiO X5 II Unboxing and Hands-on

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Video Review of X5 2nd gen

FiiO X5 II Unboxing and Hands-on

Review from YouTube

New Fiio X5-II (second generation)

Author:All 'bout headphones
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Video review of X5 2nd gen

First initial impressions about 2nd generation of popular player by Fiio

Review from Hi-News


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Очевидно, в Fiio не ставили за цель заставить обновиться всех пользователей старого X5, расчёт скорее на тех, кто покупает новый плеер, для них выбор решения от Fiio стал более оправданным.

Только недавно вышло второе поколение их дебютного плеера X3 (еще не везде он появился в продаже), как уже на подходе обновление старшего на данный момент X5.

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