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Review from samma3a

FiiO Mont Blanc E12A IEM Amplifier Review

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A great portable amp - for the money it will be hard to find anything comparable. Well done Fiio, this is going to be a classic. - See more at: https://www.samma3a.com/en/reviews/fiio/mont-blanc-e12a-amplifier-164.html#sthash.LhOO34xi.dpuf

I pitted it against the RSA “The Predator”, JDS Labs C5D and Cayin C5 and it held its ground beautifully. Much better than I imagined. For the current price of 669 AED this is a steal. Add this to your digital audio player and enjoy the improvement in sound - and drive all your headphone with this setup. - See more at: https://www.samma3a.com/en/reviews/fiio/mont-blanc-e12a-amplifier-164.html#sthash.LhOO34xi.dpuf

Review from Head-fi

The best budget amp for Iems I had tried so far, photos included!

Author:Dobrescu George
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I can say that most people would more than happy with it. It is mid and bass centric, so treble is smooth. Most people really love this feature. It makes music organic, natural and tube-amp-like. This is a pro and a con (I wanted more treble for example:p

Fiio e12a is made of metal, it's color is silver, it looks very nice. It is solid in hand, the volume knob feels really solid, is not loose and you have to use just the right amount of force to turn it to feel right. High/Low gain settings is a nice thing to have, the button feels really nice. Bass slider for on/off is also a very nice touch, feels really nice to touch, it is not loose, nor too tight.

Review from soundnews

FiiO E12A – rafinament portabil

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. S-ar putea pe strada sa primiti cateva priviri mai ciudate de la cei din jur, insa daca nu va deranjeaza acest aspect, atunci E12A este extraordinar de bun.

De obicei nu prea fac articole separate pentru amplificatoare de casti portabile, dar cand o fac inseamna ca sunt chiar bune si merita atentia.

Review from reproductormp3

FiiO E12A: EL ampli para iems!

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Poco más hay que decir. Si tienes unos iems de alta gama y quieres sacarles todo el jugo, este es tu ampli. Lo recomiendo ampliamente! Gracias por leerme, como siempre ;)

Antes de empezar, tengo que dar las gracias a Axel de Zococity por prestarme todas estas bestias, son una maravilla!

Review from head-fi

A great buy if you want to enjoy music

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Organic and very enjoyable at conveying the recording. FiiO Mont Blanc for IEM

When you pick up the Mont Blanc you feel like you have something substantial in your hand. Not that is is overly heavy, no, it is conveys the impression that this thing is meant to last

Review from headfonia


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The Fiio E12A is a great and musical amp in its category.

Fiio is one of my favorite brands: they listen to the consumer, they frequently update their product line and they keep launching new products. All that at a very affordable price and with extremely good value for money.

Review from Headfonics

The FiiO E12a – The IEM Amp

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The old adage of you get what you pay for might be a bit of an underestimation of the E12a sense of value compared to higher end amps but in reality the E11k is cheaper for a reason and my money is on the E12a if I had a choice

Taking the high regarded MUSE02 opamp and combining it with the existing LME49600 buffer from the E12DIY they came up with brand new version of the E12 called the E12a.

Review from Head-fi

A great portable amp!!!

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solid build, sleek design, great battery life, excellent sound sig

Dressed in a full alloy metal shell, E12A feels very solid, no flexing or bending. The only minor detail I noticed in my sample was a bevel level of the amp body shell being a few mm shorter in comparison to the metal end caps..

Review from Hi-Tech News


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Их самый мощный усилитель E12 уже больше года заслуженно является одним из лучших по соотношению цена/качество портативных решений. Недавно в компании представили новую модификацию этого усилителя E12A, предназначенную для использования с чувствительными внутриканальными наушниками.

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