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Review from Head-fi

FiiO DK1 – Simple But Effective Desktop Dock

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Simple design, small footprint, elegant aesthetics, great value for money, easy connection

The DK1 does what it says, and for the ridiculously low price of USD 20.00. In fact there is a high change I'll but another one at some stage – simply because it would be handy to have a second one at work

Review from Head-fi

FiiO DK1 Review - Not Your Average Desk Ornament

Author: ryanjsoo
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Pros: Stable, Nice build and design, Well packaged, Swiveling connector works well

The DK1 is a multi-function dock for use with FiiO Players (X1,X3II,X5II ,X7) and DACs ( E17K), just another component in Fiio`s ever expanding catalog of accessories

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Author: marcusd
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It’s twenty bucks, it looks good, comes in a nice package and extends the core features of the X-series DAPs onto the desktop in a fashionable manner.

With the release of the DK1 Multifunction dock, I am pretty sure this marks the end of the initial cycle of accessories specifically for the X series DAPs with the focus primarily being on the X7.

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