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Review from av-online

FiiO E18 Kunlun fejhallgató erősítő és USB DAC teszt

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Utóirat és fontos megjegyzés: a 256 kBps alatti MP3 számokkal a katarzis elmarad, a FiiO Kunlun van annyira jó, hogy zavaró legyen az agyontömörített zenepótlék silánysága

A teljességre törekvésnek nemcsak pénzügyi, de néha fizikai korlátai is vannak. Emiatt ezen az egyébként remeknek tűnő készüléken kávét főzni sajnos nem lehet,

Review from Head-fi

Preview] FiiO E18 Kunlun – Surprise, Surprise.

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Okay, the sound quality isn’t quite as good as a DX100 or HM901, but it sure is more than good enough for day to day listening and way better than the smartphone itself. There is no guarantee that your Android will work, but there is more hope than ever.

The E18 Kunlun is the latest portable amp/DAC for our favoritest budget amp company FiiO. Different from the E17, the new E18 is built for pretty much exclusive for Android devices. Well, it does work as a USB DAC on PC or as a standalone amp, but being an Android DAC is what it really is all about. ....

Review from xdadevelopers

Review of FiiO E18 portable USB (OTG) DAC and Headphone Amp w/lots of pics!!!

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Overall, I know this is the first time I used USB DAC/AMP but in my opinion FiiO E18 set a VERY HIGH bar for any future comparison. I think the combination of portable size, the build quality with all the precision controls, the enhanced sound quality and

But at the end I found the best solution with the most flexible setup - FiiO E18. As someone who hasn't been previously exposed to the audiophile world, I couldn't even believe my eyes that something like this even existed. That is why I'm very excited to share with you my Note 2 best new companion - E18. ....

Review from Headfonia


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Overall I’d give it a good score. It does the job and I can live with the sound. Am I blown away? Far from it. I think Fiio can do better than this. Especially the enclosure quality, while it was okay with the Fiio E10 two years ago, 2014 is coming and I

I’ve been reading the Fiio E18 reviews found around the web and while they seem to praise the device as a whole, personally I am not that impressed with Fiio’s latest device.. ....

Review from 닥터헤드폰

FiiO E18 KUNLUN (Smart-Fi & USB DAC & Headphone AMP)

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물론 아날로그 입력도 지원해 스마트-Fi를 지원하지 않는 제품들도 기존과 동일하게 연결 할 수 있고, 아무리 좋아졌다고는 하나 그래도 다소 아쉬운 PC의 내장사운드를 대신해 USB DAC로써 활용도 훌륭한 FiiO E18 KUNLUN. [출처] FiiO E18 KUNLUN (Smart-Fi & USB DAC & Headphone AMP) 개봉(패키지+디자인) (닥터헤드폰) |작성자 데자니

FiiO, 피오, E18, KUNLUN, 포터블앰프, 스마트파이, Smart-Fi, USB DAC, 추천포터블앰프 ....

Review from Hi-Tech News


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Очень интересное устройство: новый для техники Fiio драйвовый звук (хотя, возможно, это изменение придется не всем по душе), богатая функциональность, долгое время работы, хороший дизайн и качество сборки.

Во многих флагманских моделях этого года есть поддержка воспроизведения звука высокого разрешения, но разместить в корпусе смартфона (даже большого, как это обычно бывает у Android-продуктов) все необходимое для качественного звука — почти нереально. Поэтому для тех, кто хочет добиться максимального уровня звучания от своего смартфона на Android, компания Fiio представила внешний ЦАП E18 ...

Review from Soundnews

FiiO E18 review – DAC/Amp Android

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E18 este un DAC portabil, este un amplificator de casti portabil, este o baterie externa pentru telefoanele Android si o interfata S/PDIF avand o iesire digitala coaxiala la care puteti conecta un receiver sau chiar un DAC mai performant.

FiiO loveste din nou lansand E18 – DAC si amplificator de casti pentru PC/MAC si terminale cu sistem de operare Android. ...

Review from Headfonics

The E18 Kunlun by FiiO

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The FiiO E18 has a lot going for it to be honest. It forced me to buy a Samsung S3 and those who know me would tell you I am not a touchscreen fan. The form factor for pairing with the S3 is perfect and the upgrade on the stock S3 is excellent with increa

FiiO’s E18 therefore is the first dedicated audio device for decoding and amplification specifically marketed to Android that I can think of. It comes in at $159 SRP which for me is quite reasonable, though this is FiiO and prices are always their strong point and most notably on some of the main flagship Android devices it does play natively without needing to download any further apps, paid or otherwise. ...

Review from Soundnews

FiiO E18 – Android Amp/DAC review

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Newest approach from FiiO it’s much appreciated, sound improvement is evident: more audible information, realism and more airy sound are to our liking, extra transients being the icing on the cake.

It is also the first FiiO DAC that doesn’t use the already classic Wolfson WM8740 D/A chip, this time they set on a newly, slightly more advanced chip from Texas Instruments. TI 1798 is used frequently in Hi-Fi components and I consider that it was a welcome change and much appreciated one. The price (approx. 160 Euros) remains also quite competitive for a package that contains an ALPS volume pot, USB interface from Tenor and the Ti BurrBrown 1798 chip I told you a moment ago. ...

Review from media - mixture.de

Fiio E18 Kunlun im Test – Portabler DAC und Verstärker für Android

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Der FiiO E18 packt ein gutes Stück mehr auf den E12 drauf, der seinerseits schon eine Wucht war. DAC und Amp arbeiten gut zusammen und erreichen hochklassige Wiedergaben bis zu 24bite 92kHz bei entsprechendem Android Betriebssystem. Zudem ist der E18 voll

FiiOs output an neuen Produkten ist schon erstaunlich. Alle paar monate stehen die Chinesen mit einem neuen budget High-End mobilen Verstärker in den Startlöchern. Der neuste Spross ist der FiiO E18, welcher einen portablen High-End Verstärker mit einem DAC vereint. Eine tragbare Soundkarte mit Verstärker die mit den meisten aktuellen Android Smartphones kompatibel ist und den schlechten Soundprozessoren die Arbeit abnimmt. ...

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