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Fiio X5 Review: High-Resolution Audio Done Right

Author:Ali Pardiwala
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Fiio has created a masterpiece with the X5. This is the kind of device that can make you fall in love with music all over again.

As a personal audio manufacturer that makes everything but headphones, Fiio has carved out a niche for itself. The X-series of portable music players is gaining popularity among audiophiles;

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FiiO X5: Un DAP para todo y más!

Author: rafaelpernil
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Bueno, este ampli me ha encantado con todas las fuentes con las que lo he probado. No sé como será el tan aclamado iBasso T3 pero todo lo que he probado de FiiO (excepto el X1), me ha parecido una auténtica maravilla. Perfección!

Bueno, este ampli me ha encantado con todas las fuentes con las que lo he probado. No sé como será el tan aclamado iBasso T3 pero todo lo que he probado de FiiO (excepto el X1), me ha parecido una auténtica maravilla. Perfección!

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[Test] FiiO X5 : LE baladeur audiophile ?

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Malgré une première impression mitigée, le FiiO X5 est une agréable surprise. Bien fini, simple à utiliser et surtout très performant, c’est une très bonne surprise. Et si tout n’est pas parfait – on pense notamment à la roue codeuse toujours trop lâche o

Le X5 est le baladeur le plus haut de gamme du constructeur chinois Fiio. Après avoir fait une entrée remarquée avec le X3 présenté sous la barre des 200 euros, il s’attaque à un marché presque sans concurrence : la baladeur audiophile premium. A-t-on là une alternative crédible pour moins de 350€ ? La réponse dans ce test.

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The X5 by FiiO

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At $350 you can say FiiO are no longer working within budget range for audio gear but in context of how the X5 performs against DAP’s twice it’s price it still remains a ‘best value’ king for me

FiiO though are never one to rest on their laurels and with the launch of the new X5 FiiO have well and truly stepped out of the budget audiophile market with a DAP that is aimed squarely at the mid-fi audiophile who values a high end DAP

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Review of FiiO X5 digital audio player (DAP) w/lots of pics!!!

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Overall, to say that I was impressed with FiiO X5 would be an understatement. Since the day I got it, I have been trying to find every possible excuse to use it

Typically with high quality headphones you end up rediscovering sounds all over again and hearing new details for the very first time. To my very pleasant surprise, when I received FiiO X5 DAP - I actually ended up rediscovering my headphones, all over again!!!

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Fiio X5 – Potential To Be Best In Class

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Sound quality, build, usability, interface, output power, versatility, boot speed

The build on the X5 (IMO) is what I would expect (mostly) in a top of the line DAP. The casing looks to be a 2 piece high quality CNC aluminium alloy with a very nice matte finish.

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Как я уже писал в обзоре, плеер Fiio X3 подтолкнул рынок недорогих (относительно) портативных плееров для любителей качественного звука.

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FiiO X5 hi-res portable music player also acts as a USB DAC

Author:Andy Clough
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New hi-res audio player supports multiple audio formats up to 24-bit/192KHz, also works as a USB DAC with a computer

New hi-res audio player supports multiple audio formats up to 24-bit/192KHz, also works as a USB DAC with a computer

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Fiio X5 – noul standard portabil

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Un DAC, un amplif de casti, un transport digital si un player high-resolution, toate sunt cuvinte definitorii pentru X5.

Dupa o lunga perioada de asteptare, FiiO X5 este prezentat pentru prima data in Las Vegas la CES 2014. Feedback-ul primit a fost excelent si urmatorul pas a fost lansarea in cantitati limitate, la inceputul acestui an, pe piata din China .

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FiiO X5 – New portable standard

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A DAC, a headphone amp, a digital transport and a high resolution audio player all are words that define X5.

After a long period of waiting, finally FiiO X5 sees the light of the day and it is being presented for the first time in Las Vegas at CES 2014. Received feedback was excellent and the next step was launch in limited quantities to the Chinese market at the beginning of this year.

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Fiio X5 Digital Audio Player - A new star is born

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Outstanding build (body/case), easily navigable interface, loads of extra goodies and last but not least fantastic sound reproduction

The X5 is without a doubt a solidly built player. It is heavy and feels it’s built like a tank. The first thought you have when holding the player is holly crew, the dap feels heavy/solid.

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Fiio X5; Other DAP makers are in for a rude awakening.

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Sublime micro-detailing, smooth sound without being rolled off or overly smooth, wonderful mid-range. Natural, organic sound, good build quality.

he X5 has many more pluses than it has minuses. With the minuses being the scroll wheel and the micro SD slot coverings. If you can look past that and want a player that sounds excellent and has a UI that is easy to use and just works, well you found the right player ;

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FiiO X5: Análisis

Author:Fernando Doutel
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Si podéis perdonar que la interfaz de usuario y la usabilidad no estén a la altura del resto, el FiiO X5 es un gran reproductor, tanto para su uso portátil o enchufado a nuestro equipo de música como para su uso como DAC en el ordenador. El precio del Fii

Aunque la venta de reproductores portátiles de música haya descendido en los últimos años, fundamentalmente por las ventas de los móviles y los tablets, eso no significa que no tengan cabida en nuestras casas

Review from Head-fi

The X5 rocks!

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I think it is pretty obvious to anyone reading this review that there is a X5 in my future. Although it is possible that the uber expensive DAPs may meet or exceed the sound quality of the X5, I cannot imagine it being by much and certainly not by enough

Top grade sound, powerful quality internal amp, superb micro-detail, great value, ability to obtain full quality sound in a compact package without the inconvenience of an external amp.

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FiiO X5 – Review

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This is a very exciting period we live in. I see progress everywhere, and yes, even in audio. A lot of very nice products are rising, the X5 being one of them, marking the progress in this domain.

FiiO released some excellent products, especially for the price, during the last few years, filling a part of the market that was previously kind of empty. While the products were excellent for the price, I cannot say any of them were WOW material. Well, with X5 they made their way into this category as well.

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