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Review from oldnewsound

FiiO E12

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Ya desde sus primeras fases de desarrollo el FiiO E12 ha creado una gran expectación. Desde sus comienzos FiiO ha llevado este proyecto con una gran ambición de superación, tratando de servir al público un producto que promete la mejor relación calidad/precio, como viene siendo habitual en sus productos, pero intentando llegar a lo más alto dentro de acabados y rendimiento sonoro, ¿lo habrán conseguido?

Review from soundnews

Fiio E12 – Portable power

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E12 – Portable power

Although till now I didn’t review any portable amps from Fiio, with this new product and most important thanks to the quality that it promises, I was curious and even waited for the moment when I will listen to the new E12 portable amp.

Review from Head-Fi

FiiO E12 Mont Blanc Review

Author: Panda man
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E12 Mont Blanc Review

FiiO is one of the most popular companies in the world of headphone audio. Their products come with unmatched performance for the price. They want to deliver great products that fans will love by listening to them on Head-Fi and other forums and even letting the fans vote on versions. The FiiO Mont Blanc is FiiO’s new flagship portable amplifier. It boasts an amazing amount of power while still being affordable. I would like to thank FiiO for the review sample. Now let’s see if the E12 lives up to the FiiO name.

Review from Headfonia


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With the Fiio E12 amplifier, it’s almost like the chinese company is making a statement that there is nothing they can’t make. From the smallest headphone amplifier (Fiio E2) to the beefiest amplifier from Fiio so far, the E12. They’ve got the hot entry level USB DAC/Amp segment covered with winners like the Fiio E10 and E17. They’ve got an Android portable DAC coming in June (E18). Nothing seems to be stopping Fiio.

Review from Headfonics

FiiO E12 – The Mont Blanc

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E12 – The Mont Blanc

FiiO’s lineup of pocket amps and DAC’s have been very well received and considered bang for buck for those on a tight budget but still striving for something above average. Everything is well crafted, well marketed and well received but perhaps lacking in one area that new manufacturers are increasingly paying attention to and that is the power game.

Review from appleinsider

Fiio E12 — лучший усилитель для наушников компании

Author:Обзоры железа
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E12 — лучший усилитель для наушников компании

Сложно недооценить ту роль, которую компания Fiio заняла на рынке доступных Hi-Fi решений, поэтому каждый их гаджет становится событием, ожидаемым тысячами меломанов по всему миру. Не стал исключением их портативный усилитель для наушников E12 с кодовым именем Mont Blanc, о котором сегодня и пойдет речь.

Review from Head-Fi

FiiO E12 Mont Blanc

Author: joe and jude
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E12 Mont Blanc

I've seen a lot of discussions about FiiO on Head-Fi in recent years. However, I’d somehow made it through to the early part of this year without ever having tried anything made by one of the brands taking Head-Fi by storm. Because one of the last things I need is another headphone amp, perhaps the FiiO collection--all of which is affordable, and some of which is super affordable--simply struck me as something I didn’t personally need in addition to all the more expensive, higher-end portable amps strewn about my home and office.

Review from techno-fi

FiiO E12 Taşınabilir AMFI İncelemesi

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E12 Taşınabilir AMFI İncelemesi

Herkesin bildiği gibi FiiO firması fiyat/performans oranları ile her zaman dikkat ürünler piyasaya sürer ve ülkemizde de genelde tutulur ve kullanılır. Bu incelemedeki ürün ise FiiO'nun en üst amfi modeli olan E12.

Review from blog.pclab

Przenośne odtwarzacze empetró jekjeszcze nie umarły

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Przenośne odtwarzacze empetró jekjeszcze nie umarły

Większość osób, które choć odrobinę interesują się budżetowymi sprzętami audio z pewnością kiedyś natknęło się na te ze stajni FiiO. To dość duża firma z Chin, której trzonem są produkty niedrogie, stąd jej duża popularność na całym świecie, w tym również u nas. Dostałem do testu dwa urządzenia, z czego to ciekawsze jest przenośnym odtwarzaczem empetrójek. Ostatni raz zajmowałem się tymi urządzeniami ponad dwa lata temu. Nie ukrywam też, że mój referencyjny sprzęt już mi trochę ciąży. A do zabawy dostałem produkt z wyjściami optycznym i liniowym, gniazdem kart pamięci, obsługą gęstych formatów i dobrą elektroniką wewnątrz. Czego chcieć więcej?

Review from You Tube

FiiO E12 Mont Blanc Review

Author: HeadphoneReviewHQ
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E12 Mont Blanc Review

Inside you'll find a full review of the Fiio E12 Mont Blanc as well as a comparison to both the Fiio E11 and the Fiio E17. If you've been waiting to find out if this device is the one for you, watch the video to answer all your questions (hopefully!)....

Review from media-mixture.de

FiiO Mont Blanc E12 Kopfhörer-Verstärker Test

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Mont Blanc E12 Kopfhörer-Verstärker Test

Der Fiio E12 Mont Blanc ist das derzeitige Topmodell im Lineup transportabler FiiO Verstärker. In seiner Größe ähnelt der E12 einem iPhone 4. Die Außenhaut besteht aus gebürstetem Aluminium, das schick und wertig aussieht. Das Gewicht von knapp 150g fällt auf Reisen nicht besonders auf.

Review from soundandvision

E12 "Mont Blanc" Portable Headphone Amplifier

Author:Michael Berk
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Portable Headphone Amplifier

The FiiO E12 is a rather different animal - it's no Swiss Army knife, but simply a powerful, portable headphone amplifier in a miniature package, with a couple of very handy sound tailoring features (namely a bass boost and a cross feed circuit), and a price squarely in FiiO's serious-bang-for-the-bunk neighborhood. At $129, the E12 lets you use your most power-hungry phones almost anywhere - and manages to sound pretty darned good doing it.

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