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FiiO E11k Review

Author: Jay Bhargav
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Due to the small size and light weight, the E11K is the best portable audio booster I have used so far.

FiiO is one of the most reputed and legendary brands when it comes to the portable headphone amp section in the market. They had earlier launched the FiiO E11 which proved to be quite appealing for audiophiles who love to kick-start their day with a punch of loud music.

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FiiO has done a great job in my opinion. While users who have listened to more expensive setups will probably not be wowed by the E11K, it’s hard not to be impressed by the good SQ at the extremely reasonable price point.

Fiio is a Chinese maker of audio equipment that has become well known for offering good gear at highly competitive prices..

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Fiio E11K Review - Kilimanjaro 2

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A video review of FiiO Potable Amplifier E11K

A video review of FiiO Potable Amplifier E11K ...

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FiiO E10K and E11K – Premium sound for a tiny price

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For power hungry dudes as me, that want to fry their portable headphones with a big smile on their faces E11K would do it

E11K is a portable headphone amplifier and it doesn’t have a DAC/sound card inside. The first E11 (the old one) didn’t impress me much, because of this at that time I decided to not write something about it

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Несмотря на ряд эргономических недостатков, E11K получился отличным усилителем. Длительное время работы, приятный дизайн и отличный звук, помноженные на доступную цену, явно говорят о том, что «Килиманджаро-2″ станет путевкой в мир качественного звука для

Но за флагманом линейки незамеченным остается младшая, но не менее хорошая модель E11, имеющая ряд своих преимуществ. Недавно инженеры компании выпустили обновление E11K «Killimanjaro-2″, что же оно принесло пользователям?

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Review of FiiO E11k portable headphone amplifier w/lots of pics

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Overall, I found that amplifier adds another variable to a complicated equation of sound where you already have an array of file formats, different hardware sound sources, and various headphones.

Actually, I should start first by mentioning this is an updated version of FiiO popular budget amplifier, E11. One impressive thing about FiiO, beside constantly working on new products, they also revisit their older models to improve the design and to update the components. That's exactly what happened with E11 model where the design was updated from inside out.

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FiiO E11K im Test – Budget Taschenverstärker

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Kurztest zum FiiO E11K Kilimanjaro 2: In diesem Test werfe ich einen ausführlichen aber kurzen Blick auf den FiiO E11K, den Nachfolger des FiiO E11. Dieser portable Kopfhörer Verstärker gibt mehr Pegel auf die Headphones zum kleinen Preis. Was wir dafür e

ußerlich beim FiiO E11K keine großen Überraschungen. Das klassische gebürstete Aluminiumdesign der Außenhülle setzt sich auch beim E11K fort. Klassisch unauffällig sind die Linien. Auf der Unterseite und der Oberseite sind die Ecken etwas abgeflacht was ganz gut zu dem erhobenen und großen Lautstärkenregler des E11K passt.

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I’m glad I turned out to like the new E11K, my ears have been spoiled with higher end gear a lot but if you can enjoy your musical collection and headphones with a $60 amp, you just know Fiio did it right. Again.

Everyone loves Fiio. Just look at their Facebook or check Head-Fi. The Chinese company is known for its budget friendly setups and they are genuinely nice people who really listen to the community. Lately they have even been targeting the high resolution market with their X5 DAP. Today however we take a look at the updated version of their successful E11 amp.

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